The WiiRide model with steering wheel addition

The WiiRide is a concept that came out of the WiiStorming project I did in my bachelor at Eindhoven University of Technology together with Robin van Oorschot, Jeroen Blom and Robert Huitema.  The Nintendo Wii philosophy has been to make gaming more social and active, in order to do this they developed the Wii which makes gaming into a physical activity, they focus on having people play together with multiple Wii's. To extend this philosophy one more stage we attempted to take the video game experience away from the screen in a real physical world. This increases the physical activity as you can move all around, and the social value since you can look at the others while playing as opposed to looking at a screen. The concept itself is a toy car which has IR senders on it's back, the nintendo Wii remote can detect these and thus control the car. You can walk behind the car while steering along with it. Pointing in front of it makes the car move forwards pointing behind it makes it move backwards. The video illustrates this better.

Some interesting evaluation on this project was that this type of interaction facilitates a very strong and encouraging learning curve. Trying to follow tracks, or just making it move as fast as possible clearly improved over time. It requires skill and is fun to try. This could make it a very good toy concept for developing motor skills, and of course just to have fun with. During the final exhibition of this project we and many visitors had a great time playing with this!

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