The Wiggle

The opening of the Wiggle with the alderman of design of the city of Eindhoven

The overview of The Wiggle

The Wiggle is an interactive playground which is installed in the city of Eindhoven. Basically it consists of a balancing board in the middle which can be used for active and energetic play and a structure of "benches" around it on which children can climb and play more relaxed. The total is inspired on the setting of sitting around a fireplace with the energy in the middle and the comfort in around it where people sit and chat. The benches contain nodes which can light up in different colours depending on the interaction on the central balancing board. By touching the balls they retain their light, otherwise it fades out. Again related to keeping a small fire on. It is even possible to spread the fire through the different balls by touching 2 at the same time. This can be done either directly or by touching another person who is touching another ball.

This concept was presented as a mid fidelity working prototype during the Dutch Design Week. During this exhibit the local government got interested in the concept and awarded us the Social Design Award of that week. A nice amount of money as well as the ability to place this playground in the city of Eindhoven was given to us. This meant the starting point of my company Stik Design in which we developed the concept to a real product and the Dutch Design Week one year later we managed to install the product in the city of Eindhoven. Our goal with this product is to sell it to a large playground manufacturer