Fruit Ninja 3D

Nothing as nice as sitting inside your own product

We all know the famous Fruit Ninja game. It confused us to see so many people playing it on their mobile phone. But playing on a phone is passive and not so social, so we thought what if we build this in real scale?! Which is exactly what we did in this 2 week project. Actually the game itself is tons of fun and people enjoyed playing it a lot, see the video below. But what is more special about this game is that we built it not to test whether people enjoy this game, but to test a more complex thing. We made the game in such a way that you can log in with your twitter account before playing, it would then automatically post the results of the game in a tweet and share this experience. In this project we wanted to understand better what people share and how and whether it adds to their experience of gameplay. 

After this project I decided to take it up in my company to develop it to a next level. Experiences that can be directly shared on social media. You can read more on this in the entrepreneurship page of this website. Eventually we got it installed in a theme park in Denmark and an outdoor sports center in the Netherlands.