Think to Linc.

Think to Linc. is a tangible interpretation of a business model. Making business models tangible helps to make certain challenges in the business more accessible and it turns them into issues that can openly be discussed and modified using a playful approach. We use the notion of play here because it creates a "safe" environment to explore alternatives. It abstracts the business model one level from reality which gives the business leaders the opportunity to try things out without directly thinking about all the complex consequences. In that way it can inspire change and a more creative approach to running a business.

In this model there are four key elements, the customer segments, the value propositions, the channels to connect those to each other and the limited amount of resources to run the business. They are all represented by physical elements in this product which can be freely placed all over the surface. The left hand side of the board are the customer segments, on the opposing side are the value propositions. The barrier in the middle with gaps in between represents the channels used to bring certain value propositions to certain customer segments. And the length of the orange rope is the total amount of resources. 

This concept was derived based on interviews with a real entrepreneur we have been conducting. This entrepreneur was in the IT business, and he claims to provide many different types of propositions to a huge variety of customers. We observed that this was costing the company more resources than needed, but how do you communicate this easily? We used this playful approach to make that issue discussable, the actual entrepreneur was very impressed with this approach and he managed to see what we tried to communicate. The nice thing of the flexibility of this model is that it does not only work for this one case but it is general enough to work in many discussions of business models, whether it is creating new ones or evaluating older ones. See the video below in which we ran a series of trials with this product.