Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust is a game specifically designed to simulate a negotiation with many stakeholders. The elements of play here are used to break barriers between stakeholders in their negotiation. Since the circle of trust is merely a game there is nothing to lose really for the stakeholders. By playing such a game together they can not only make the actual negotiation easier, they can also learn about negotiation styles and strategies and try a specific negotiation multiple times to see how their style influences the result. Eventually the game has been used in training entrepreneurs negotiation skills and in sessions with business representatives exploring. The game has been used in a formal entrepreneurship drill camp where we gave a workshop using this game in combination with theory on negotiation strategies to show how to explore different styles and strategies.

Taking another style than your usual style proved to be a fascinating approach to see how other styles can play on your own negotiation strategy. Suddenly you experience how other people see your style and how the people with other styles feel during a negotiation. The game was a perfect tool to explore this, not only in bringing fun to the negotiation table but also giving people the courage to take new positions without risking real failure. The video below shows some segments of the entire negotiation workshop.