Master Thesis: Surprise and Curiousity

The actual thesis and my diploma

A door which looks cracked but opens like a normal door when approached.

A door which can be decorated and wears out through use, it can have a different appearance every time

A door which in contrast to the general use of doors can only be used when completely relaxed and calm

The printed copies of my thesis

During this final master project I explored the way we can design for surprise and curiousity. In order to do so I selected 3 theoretical design concepts from an intensive literature research. I turned these theoretical concepts into practical methods which can be applied in idea generation, concept development or in the evaluation phase of the design process. Eventually I came up with a comparison of the methods and a suggestion for when to apply which method in the design process based on the type of design challenge faced. In order to evaluate the methods I ran 3 design processes with them (based on the three theoretical concepts) and compared the processes. 

I graduated with a 10/12 (one but highest grade in Denmark) in June 2013 and my supervisor was Stephan Wensveen 
my defence is shown in the video below