Yubi, hand out happiness!

Our Yubi stand at the Discovery Festival in Eindhoven

The upload kiosk

A girl ready to hand out a large amount of High Fives

The production process of our gloves, we made 30

The production process of our gloves, we made 30

Yubi can be seen as the Kuchi for festivals and large events. In stead of a passive camera that takes pictures you can share Yubi is based on large "gloves" that count the amount of high fives you make in a certain amount of time. As soon as your time is over you can return the glove to the Yubi stand and upload your high fives count to your Facebook account, something like "I handed out 2,304 high fives at the Discovery Festival in Eindhoven!". Again this is a smart marketing trick for a festival, by having people share such happy messages and interacting with strangers they create a large fuss of attention. This is exactly what happened. The video below shows an example of this concept we made for the Discovery Festival in Eindhoven. We did this as the Danish branch of Stik Design in collaboration with 2 friends of ours in Eindhoven Vivian Welten and Vivian van de Burgt. It has been a very nice experience! We would currently be interested in launching this concept in other (possibly larger) festivals as well to increase the reach of this concept

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