Reuse for Digital Fabrication

3D printing is amazing technology in that it gives the modeller the freedom to model each and every detail of an object by him/herself. There is no more need to follow industrial standards and protocols when we develop our models. This creative freedom is beautiful, but also leads to a vast reduction of reusability of models. As a consequence we constantly reinvent the wheel when it comes to engineering clevers embedded in these models. 

Take a bicycle as a simple machine. It consists of elementary parts like a chain drive, pedals, a steering mechanism, wheels, gears etc etc. I want to develop tools so in the future non-mechanical experts can model  machines like that and invent new, more advanced machines. Rather than remodelling each gear separately, it makes more sense to think of the bike as a series of mechanisms that are linked together. By using functional mechanisms as primitives for modelling we can guarantee that functionality is maintained while the user has the freedom to link the mechanisms to one another as he/she wishes. My vision is that we can move towards a world in which 3D models are built upon the shared knowledge and experience of the community, rather than that of the modeller. As a consequence I believe we will see a wide variety of more functional objects being 3D printed and hopefully we as a creative community can start tackling larger mechanical problems using this amazing technology. 

Papers at CHI/UIST

[5] UIST2016 - Mobile Fabrication (project) (paper) (video) (talk) (acm dl)
[4] CHI2016 - Linespace: a sense making platform for the blind (project) (paper) (video) (talk) (acm dl)
[3] UIST2015- Turkdeck: Physical virtual reality based on people (project) (paper) (video) (talk) (acm dl)
[2] CHI2015 - Notiring: a comparative study of notification channels for wearable interactive rings (project) (paper) (video) (talk) (acm dl)
[1] CHI2015 - OmniVib: Towards Cross-body Spatiotemporal Vibrotactile Notifications for Mobile Phones (project) (paper) (video) (talk) (acm dl)

Before my research career I studied design (BSc in Industrial Design and MSc in IT Product Design) and have worked as an entrepreneur., with my two companies we launched a series of products. Apart from that I also have been heavily engaged in a series of maker projects.